Unwind Art Studio Services.

Unwind Art Studio contains two main part, the Art Gallery and the Tech Gallery

Art Gallery.

Our dedicated and professional art gallery is an ideal place for launching all kinds of art.

We provide creative and inspiring setting for all artists, regardless of their skill level.

We provide private art classes for a variety of techniques and offer a professional showroom to display all sorts of art projects.

Tech Gallery.

Our goal is to combine art and technology in order to explore the unexplored.

We utilize Light Techniques and different types of CNC Machines such as Laser Engraving, 3D Printer and Carving Machine to unfold unique and custom forms of modern art.

Please visit our gallery to customise and bring life to your artistic ideas.

We offer consulting services for students to complete a wide variety of projects.

We Can Help You With

Showcase/sell/buy paintings, sculptures, and photography

Creating custom 3D art or decoration

Delivering custom oil and acrylic painting orders

Co-operating with professionals from the creative industry